Moms all around the world – we are so busy each day that sometimes we forget to do the important things…even if they are right in front of our place. The to-do list piles up and it’s hard to decide what is more important between two (or more) things. So, what should we be doing each and every day? Here are some of my most important things to prioritize:

Hug Your Children

I know how hard children can be… They are VERY needy. It’s not their fault. They are small. They need help with pretty much all things in life. On top of that, when you get to potty training (or maybe you already have), it becomes even more demanding of your attention and care. I realized a few months ago that I was so busy taking care of their needs and the house and mealtimes and dishes and laundry and the rest of my mile-long list that I was becoming a robot maid. Think of it this way: your kids are only small for so few years of your life. Hug them tight. Take advantage of this time and really just give them all the love and care that you can. It’s hard – I know, but it is worth it.

A few ways to do this? Taking the time to squat down to eye level of my children and purposefully look them in the eyes makes me see them. Really see them. They are beautiful. They are so precious (even when they are being extremely obstinate!). Looking into their eyes reminds me of how blessed I am to be their mom and gives me perspective for my daily chores and routines and the demands. Get down on their level, friends.

Touch Base With Your Finances

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a fun thing to do each day, but we are in a time where finances are tight for a lot of people. The best thing that you can do? Organize everything and touch base with your finances daily. Sell things to make extra money, reduce your debt, stick to your budget and keep on it day after day. One way to get back on track with your finances? Sell items you don’t need anymore. Chapes-JPL can help you with that if you are looking for pawn shops that buy designer handbags in Atlanta. They are there to help you get back to financial health. That’s why their interest rates are so low and why they give more cash than other loaners in the area. They say, “Chapes-JPL has one simple goal, to provide affordable asset loans on jewelry, gold, diamonds, watches, and other valuable assets, at a low rate and at fair value.”

Eat A Real Meal

The crusts off your kid’s sandwich and three remaining bites of mac n’ cheese out of the pot does NOT count as a nourishing meal! Make sure you are taking the time to nourish your body. As much as you think about what you are feeding your babies and the nourishment they need, you also need to think of yourself and your body.

I would love to tell you that a mom can live on coffee and dark chocolate alone (because I would totally be THRIVING in motherhood!!!) But it is not true. We do need to eat our veggies, get lots of proteins and good fats, and nourish our bodies. Check out our article about dinner prep! Try a meal service like everyplate!

Take Time To Laugh

Motherhood is hilarious! Sometimes the choice is to either laugh or cry at the crazy days I have. Choosing to laugh is often a much better choice! If you need a good laugh, make time to watch a funny movie or read a funny mom quote. You have a choice to view the positive side of every single situation that comes your way. Choose the joy – the happiness – the laughter.

Give Yourself Grace

Motherhood is all about grace. Grace and forgiveness. And most of the time I find that I am the one who needs to give myself grace and forgiveness. I fall into the trap of seeing all these internet moms who are so perfect and beautiful and put together and do all the little crafty projects…and I just don’t measure up! I am over here thinking, “I kept my kids alive this week…That counts right?!?” You know what? It totally does count! 

There are a lot of things that moms *have* to do each day but prioritize these things. What other things do you have to add to this list? Let me know! For more information on Chaples services click here!

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