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Wondering how you can be a more sustainable parent? I’ve got a few ideas to help you become a more eco-friendly person! 

Sustainable Parenting 101

What does it mean to be a sustainable parent? You care about the environment, and you want to teach your children to do the same. A few ideas for sustainable parenting are to support sustainable companies, lower the amount of waste you produce as a family, and to DIY your baby’s food. There aren’t a set of rules to tell you how to be a sustainable mom or dad, so you have to figure out what works best for your family.


Support sustainable companies

If you’re looking for ways to make an impact as a sustainable parent on the corporate level, then look for sustainable companies that you can purchase from. Criterion Technology, Inc is an awesome example of a company that works hard. They want their impact on the community to extend beyond their top-notch products. They’re bringing a whole new meaning to being a sustainable company. They offer products like turnkey molding assemblies, subsea systems, and injection molded optics.

Not only are they a company that regularly gives back through fundraising efforts, but they’re also worried about their environmental impact! Criterion has implemented recycling and waste disposal efforts that are better for the environment. They happily comply with all state and federal regulations to show their dedication to protecting the environment and its valuable resources.

Lower the amount of waste you produce

You can be like Criterion and lower the amount of waste that your family produces, too. Instead of running out and buying the newest of everything on the market, consider shopping second-hand. You can find both new and used clothing items at local consignment shops, and you’ll save a bunch of money in the process. There are some families that simply throw out clothes that no longer fit their children, and it is a huge problem. The average American throws out 82 pounds of textile waste a year.. That is crazy! Instead of throwing out old blankets, towels, and clothing, see if you can find another use for them. Can you cut the blankets up to be shop rags? Can you donate them to a local animal shelter? Do you know another family that can use the clothing that your family has outgrown? Help the planet as a whole with your efforts to make the clothing industry greener. 


Make conscious food decisions

A second way to decrease the amount of waste you produce is to make more conscious food decisions. Can you make your own baby food instead of purchasing plastic one-use tubs of baby food? Baby-led weaning is a great way to decrease your food waste. You can also start a compost pile for your family. There is no reason to throw out banana peels or unused vegetables when they can be used to feed the earth! Don’t forget to make the switch to reusable snack pouches instead of plastic zip locks that can’t be used more than once. Most reusable snack pouches even work well in the freezer! 

Even small measures can make a big impact. Remember, you don’t have to become a totally green family if you aren’t ready to do so! Show your children how to live more sustainably by supporting eco-friendly companies, decreasing the amount of waste you produce, and making conscious food decisions!

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