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School is back, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up all of the fun each day! Once the kids get home from school, make sure they are having some fun. Afterall, kids should be kids…and that includes playing! Here are a few fun activities to do after school, no matter who you are.

Get involved in sports

Nothing is better for kids than physical activity! Double points if they’re playing with a group of friends and sharpening their social skills. Stock up on all the necessary supplies from your local store. Kids can play organized sports for their local YMCA or just with friends in a pickup game. Either way, getting moving outside is a great way to boost their moods and keep them healthy.

Go to the pool

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about soaking in the last few days/weeks of the summer! One of the ways to do this is by going to the pool and enjoying the rays of the sun. Not only is this fun, but the sun can provide very important Vitamins (D) to help you stay healthy, which can be important as the kids are introduced to viruses, heading back to school. Take a few healthy popsicle options with you and have a treat in the sun!




Okay, okay. Maybe this one is not fun, but it’s pretty necessary. One after-school activity your child might not want to do, but should, is to study. This is especially necessary as kids get older and school workload increases. Spending ten to fifteen minutes practicing letter writing, reviewing spelling words, and getting prepared for the next day’s test can cut down on bad grades and school stress.

Make a treasure hunt

Have your children take turns hiding a “treasure” and then creating a map with a big red X on it. The treasure can be anything your child might be happy to find such as money, candy, a favorite toy or even just a unique trinket from around the house. Make the map colorful and full of cool pictures and make the course take them all over the backyard! 

Play pool

If you have space for a pool table, let your kids start to practice their hands at a game of pool! Absolute Billiard Services has used pool tables in Atlanta if you are in need of one – at an affordable price. They do more than just sell pool tables, though. They are a full-service billiard company focused on providing master-quality work matched with exceptional customer service. They move, recover, assemble, disassemble, calibrate, and repair all makes and models of pool tables, including antiques.

If you are moving to a new home and want to take your pool table with you, they have special trucks specific for moving pool tables and they have 17 years of experience under their belts! I highly recommend checking out their services if you have a pool table or need to purchase one.

Play an outdoor game

By now, you can probably tell that I’m all about spending time outside and playing. I think it is so good for you! Nothing is as fun as a big group of kids playing hide and seek until dark! Encourage your little one to gather up his friends and teach them a few of the classic games such as hide and seek, red rover, or colored eggs. Kids will not only build bonds and get exercise, but they’ll learn a little about each other too!

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