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In just a couple of short weeks, Halloween will be here, and winter will be soon approaching. This is when time slips away from us faster and faster. Before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us, too. But, keep one thing in mind: we are still in fall right now and it deserves to be celebrated! Here are a few things you should do this fall, to really take advantage of it for yourself and your whole family:

Grab some pumpkins and carve them
Pumpkin patches and pumpkin carving is one of the most fun, traditional home activities and for good reason, too – you need a pumpkin for Halloween! Don’t worry though, if you are not the Halloween type, there are so many great perks you can get from carving a pumpkin such as pumpkin pie, toasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, and more. There is also awesome soup recipes that you can make with a whole pumpkin…and once it is made, fill the pumpkin with the soup. Festive AND tasty! But really, one of the best family activities that you could do this fall is by heading to North Georgia and visiting a pumpkin patch. Have fun with it!

Fine-tune your cool-weather closet
If you store your seasonal clothing away, it is time to get them out, give them a good wash, and start putting them away. One thing I do recommend doing before you fully put them away is to make sure you weed out the clothes that you will not wear. You know the ones that I’m talking about – the pants that have not fit since high school, or the shirt that shrunk two sizes in the dryer. Donate them, sell them, or give them away because you do not need these taking up space in your closet. Make sure you do this with your closet and your kids closet. If you need to replenish anything like sweaters, yoga pants, shoes, or socks, go ahead and knock out those tasks!

Change out your home decor
Now, getting out new decor is one of my favorite things about a season change! When it comes to fall specifically, it is my favorite because the decor just seems so cozy and inviting. Fall decor makes me feel like my house is cozier, more inviting, and honestly, warmer (which is needed in the colder months, anyway). If you are slacking on your fall decor pieces, head over to Home Goods – they already have fall items out on their shelves (crazy, right?).

Meal prep like a pro
I am sure that your meal plan could use a little sprucing up. Now is the perfect time to make some freezer meals to get ready for the cooler weather, when you are not going to want to go to the grocery store every few days. Grab some frozen fall veggies, start making broths and soups to have on hand just in case you get sick, and start thinking about warmer meals that you are going to want to make.

Spend time with loved ones
When it comes down to it, the best part of this beautiful fall weather is the fact that you get to spend time with the ones that are important to you outdoors. Grab a few chairs, enjoy the weather, and sit outside and just talk, eat, drink, and have time. Ultimately, this is what life is all about, right?

Get mentally ready for the holidays
Last but not least, fall weather = the holidays are coming up soon…and you probably are not mentally prepared for it. The holidays can be extremely stressful and October and November are usually the months when people begin to get anxious about spending a lot of money and filling under the tree for their kids. If you are experiencing any type of anxiety, dread, or stress regarding the upcoming holidays (or even about something else!), Pure Hypnosis | Sean Wheeler is someone that you need to see this fall. He does weight loss hypnosis, relationship hypnosis, fear and phobia hypnosis, and much more. In fact, some of the below is what he can handle. Sean says, “The list below consists of issues that I’ve had success (not just experience) with, and there are many more things hypnotherapy can assist with that aren’t listed here.

If you don’t see your issue on the following list, schedule a free consultation and I’ll be happy to help you determine if this would be a good fit.”

Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Self Esteem & Confidence
Compulsive behaviors
Trichotillomania (hair-pulling)
Personal Performance
Sports performance
Film & Theatre Performance
Memory Improvement
Eating disorders
Emotional/Self Control
Anger issues

A lot, right?! Sean has worked for the better part of two decades with thousands of individuals, helping them to eliminate bad habits, get over their fears and live happier lives. He’s worked on every issue under the sun. He is now focused on working with people who are interested in transforming their lives for the better – and he’s only accepting clients who are motivated to do so. So, if you know that you need help with any of the above issues, and you are ready to reduce your stress, and feel better, that is your call to reach out to discuss a treatment plan to help you THRIVE.

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