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Spring cleaning is all about deep cleaning your house!

It’s time to start deep cleaning your house and to keep it clean. In the event that your housekeeping has been low on your to-do list, this might be a major undertaking. Don’t fret! If you have the energy and stick to this how-to you can easily complete from start to finish in one week in stages.

Day 1- Kitchen

Your kitchen needs a general wipe down each night after dinner. For deep cleaning, you have to concentrate on all kitchen surfaces. 

Refrigerator and Freezer – Starting at the back, take everything out, cleaning every rack as you go. If a rack is removable, take it out and clean it with warm sudsy water. Most drawers are removable and can be washed in the sink or put in the dishwasher. Wipe down the outside of the fridge, special attention to the handles. 

Tip: Try to use an antibacterial wipe every night after dinner, to avoid the spread of bacterial

Stove/Oven – If you don’t have a self-cleaning broiler, utilize a cleaner, for example, Go Gone or Easy Off and a good ole’  brillo.

Tip: If you have a self cleaning oven/broiler put the cleaning feature on once a week to lessen build up.

Microwave – Take out any removable plate and wash in warm water, with your favorite cleaner. 

Tip: Try a quick wipe down once a week of the ceiling, sides, and lower level to avoid large build-up.

Cupboards, Racks, Drawers – Grab a moist cloth and clean spots, spills and splatters with a universally handy cleaner like Lysol. 

Tip: This would be a ideal task for your child to earn some allowance.


Day 2- Main Living space

Living Room/Dining Room

Couches and Chairs- remove couch and chair pillows vacuum underneath and remove covering and put in the washer if possible. Fluff and shake and replace.

Wipe Down Baseboards, Window Treatments, Light Fixtures, and Ceiling Fans The long hose and brush that came with your vacuum cleaner will do the trick. Wash those curtains, and clean the windows with glass cleaner.

Decor. Wipe or brush away residue from your knickknacks, picture casings, and mirrors. Depending on how much is in your home, this might be the most tedious tasks during your spring cleaning. 

Clean Your Electronics. Another petri dish of germs in your home? The TV remote. Simply think about all the (occasionally sticky) hands that touch it. Give your remote a good wipe down with a Lysol wipe. Then dust and wipe down with (provider wipe, or dry rag), including the highest point of your TV and DVD player. Residue on the front of any screens with a microfiber cloth making a point to get the corners.


Day 3- Bathrooms

Clean All Showers, Bathtubs, Sinks, and Toilets.You should start with the shower spray down your favorite bathroom cleaner, then in the tub with a unclogger and  cleaner so it can splash for some time and separate any cleanser and oil that have accumulated.Next spray down the bowls and sinks, and let sit for five minutes before rinsing. That will make scrubbing a lot simpler when you double back to it later on. 

TIP: Don’t neglect to wipe down the base of the toilet close to the floor, where residue and spills tend to land.

Wipe Down Light Fixtures, Mirrors, and Window Treatments. When your doing the wipe down ensure to pay close attention to corners and around edges.Scrub and remove any grime or residue that has developed by wiping things down with a little vinegar on a soggy cloth. 

Wash Glass Shower Doors. Don’t forget to rinse and scrub your shower doors, using warm refined white vinegar and let it sit for a 30 minutes, reapplying if necessary.

Put those Cloth Shower Curtains and Bath Mats in the Laundry Machine. Simply make sure to check care labels to confirm what cycle things ought to be washed on.

Wipe Out Under the Sinks and Inside Drawers. This will also force you to declutter and get rid of expired and old products that you don’t use. 

Tip: Keep in mind the Grout. You can easily forget to scrub the grout in the bathroom. Take that old toothbrush and vinegar and scrub, scrub!


Day 4- Bedrooms

Wash that Bedding, Including Bed Skirts, Shams, and Duvet Covers. If some of the items are too big to fit in your laundry machines, take them to a laundry mat or dry cleaners. Don’t forget the pillows!

Flip Your Mattress. Or if you have a pillow top, rotate it to prevent grooves from forming due to sleeping in the same spot for too long. Freshen the mattress by spreading on some baking soda, letting it sit for 45 minutes to an hour, and vacuuming it back up.

Clean out your closet- Declutter, declutter, get rid of clothes and shoes you are not going to wear, dust and wipe shelves.

Tip: Wipe all door handles and knobs as you go! These often ignored gateways are probably the germiest places in the house. 


Day 5- Additional Spaces

Mudroom, Playrooms, and Laundry room- wipe down, and optimize these spaces by going over items on shelves, and making shoes, and coats more organized.

Tip- If it’s cold out only heavier coats and shoes should be easy to reach, push those summer lightweight coats to the back or store. 

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