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So many people fly everywhere these days that you might think the classic American road trip is a thing of the past. But, that’s not the case at all – especially now with COVID concerns. In fact, the road trip days are back and more so than ever. People are starting to boycott flights and instead, rent a car and get going! The statists (even before COVID) prove that more Americans than ever are taking to the roads for vacations and family visits, for more frequent, but shorter trips. With airline customer service unquestionably in decline, many Americans would rather drive than fly. Statistics aside, there is no denying that a road trip can be a ton of fun and with a larger family (and any kids over the age of 2 that do not fly for free anymore), the lure of the road can seem very appealing. You might not know where to start, however, if you aren’t a frequent driver. To get the most out of your experience, do not miss these road trip tips:

Where Are You Going?

Before anything else, you need to decide where you will go on your road trip and what route you’ll take to get there. One really handy road trip planning website is Roadtrippers. It has different routes available for every different kind of trip – no matter where you are going or what route you’d like to take. Another great option is just Google or Pinterest. Bloggers and travel lovers constantly post about great road trip routes that can be very beneficial to you. 

One thing to consider is (if your family/friends are not quarantining) potentially catching up with family along the way that you haven’t seen in a while. For example, if you are going to do a road trip from Atlanta to the Keys, consider catching up with family or friends that might be in Tampa, or Orlando, etc. There are many bonuses of staying with friends and family, besides actually getting to visit with them, such as not having to pay for lodging and also getting a local’s perspective on the destination that you are visiting. 

Clean Your Car Before, During, And After

If you start the trip off with a dirty car and do not take the time to clean it, you will very much so regret it when all of the dirt and trash starts piling up – especially if you are traveling with your large family or kids. Go ahead and clean everything out beforehand and as you are on the road, make sure that you throw away things as it begins to pile up. A stop at a gas station? Toss the old gum wrappers, fast food bags, and any other trash. 

Preload Phones With Entertainment

If you are headed on a long road trip with kids, they might think that they will get bored. Try to get them to take in the sights around them, but a good bet is to also preload phones or other devices with entertainment, books, and other school apps to keep them entertained and limit the whining. 

Get Off The Highway

Half of the fun is getting off the highway, seeing the local sights, and making little stops along the way. As you plan your route, figure out what is along the way such as National Parks, Capital Cities, and great roadside eateries…or even quirky tourist attractions! Get your kids in on the fun and get them to choose a few stops. Just make sure you are not stopping TOO much or you might not make it to your final destination in time. Plus, if you fill your calendar too much, you won’t be able to make spontaneous stops along the way and sometimes, that is better than a trip that is too planned out, especially with kids.

There are so many things to consider when planning a summer road trip with kids! These are just a few ways to plan and prepare. What is on your list?

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